What if this is all there is?

What if this,
is all there is?
What if this..
is as good as it gets?
What if this is
as far, you were
meant to be;
And everything
that you ever
dreamed about
for the future,
were memories;
Being carried on
from a past life.
A past where,
you had it all.
A life where,
you made it all.
And yet you still,
wiped that slate..
Just for this!
Maybe you had
but happiness.
but satisfaction.
Just an empty,
dark void..
That you could
never manage to fill.
Maybe the purpose
of all your sorrows,
all your struggles,
all your happiness,
and all your
Was to bring you..
in this present;
That you
so carelessly
discount for
being a lot less,
than it is.
This present,
that you never
fully learned to
appreciate; Because
you were always
too fixated about
filling that void.
The void that
cannot be fulfilled.
The void that robs you
of the present,
that is the present;
While keeping you chasing.
While keeping you running
after uncertain tomorrows,
as all your todays
Have come and gone.
Each one of them
having failed,
to satisfy you.
Wouldn’t you regret
not enjoying this,
a lot more?
Wouldn’t you regret
not living; while
you could have..
If you realise,
At the end
Of it all..
was the best
you could have ever had?

© Jay Kaushal

Photo by Jay Kaushal


A Walk In The Park

Your fixation with
Getting ‘there’..
Is what’s keeping you
From enjoying
Where you are.
It’s what’s keeping you
From finding joy,
Doing what you do.
Reaching your goals,
Happens automatically.
It happens effortlessly,
Once you begin
To savour
The long walk…
Leading you there.

Photo & Poem: © Jay Kaushal


A swan,
Paddles away
Beneath the surface.
Just to stay
Nothing else.

Yet you,
Can only
White floating grace;
Ripples nor Sound.
Utopian elegance.

And you,
Can’t imagine
Behind the scenes;
Hard at work.
Constant struggle.

The facade
Of perfection;
Control, no control;
Infinite cycles, intersecting..
Every second.

© Jay Kaushal

Image credits: denbora.org

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Photo-poem ‘My Dreams’

Photo & Poem by Jay Kaushal.

This is the last couplet from my sonnet ‘My Dreams

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The rain is my friend

…And the rain
Knocks on my window
Like friends pulling you
Out of your bed
On a Friday night
When you’re in bed early..
You’ve lost your job
Are too depressed
And broke
To want to drink
Or smile
Or even be able
to afford either
Even if you wanted to…

© Jay Kaushal

Image credits: http://www.pexels.com

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TMI Tag – Too Much Info about me!!

A while ago, fellow blogger Apple Rae tagged me to answer these questions below. I have been wanting to answer them from some time but boy! have I been busy. I’ve barely been able to keep up with my blogging schedule and firefight all the other areas of my life that are fast transforming.

But I like talking about myself. Which is ironic because I like to be known more through my work. So I guess thanks a lot Apple, for tagging me! I love your blog and have been following it actively since I started this blog in January.

So the idea behind the TMI tag is Too Much Information. I have tried to stay true to the meaning and toned down the responses to some questions. (You should be glad I did. Lol). I hope that the people I tag will also be good sports and answer these questions. 😉

What are you currently wearing?

Black tee and grey bermuda shorts.

Have you ever been in love?

Lol, Far too many times I think.

Have you ever had a terrible breakup?

Once again, Far too many times I think! lol

How old are you?


How tall are you?

5 feet 11 inches

How much do you weigh?

92 kgs

Do you have any piercings?

Used to, up until I was 24, I used to wear ear studs. I also had really long hair and a hippy beard. Then I cut my pony tail off, began to sport a clean shaven look and decided to do away with the ear studs as well.

What’s your favourite drink?

Spiced Buttermilk/ Creamy black tea.

What’s you favourite song?

‘All my love’ by Led Zeppelin.

What’s your zodiac sign?

Cancer. (Yeah, I am emotional AF! )

How long does it take you to shower?

Depends. After work out showers are longer generally. Morning showers are pretty quick.

What’s your favourite show?

FRIENDS. lol I watch a random episode almost every day.

What’s your favourite band?

Has been forever and always will be… Led Zeppelin.

Something you really miss?

Sneaking off on dates when I was 16. Oh I miss those times. I miss teenage. 🙂

Where do you go when you’re sad?

Depends on how sad I am. If I’m really sad I’ll switch off my phone and spend the rest of the day meditating in my room.. drapes shut, doors bolted. If I am ‘just so’ gloomy, I sit on a bench at a quiet corner in the park and smoke a bit, observe birds and people. Write a poem on my phone maybe. Channelize the sadness. lol. Sadness is beautiful. Don’t block it. Enjoy sadness…write poetry, draw sketches… paint! 😉

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Depends on where I’m going that day. I’m not a hop-out-of-bed-and-ready kind of guy. Usually, it makes me a long time. Most women could get ready faster than me! lol!

Have you ever been in a physical fight?

Lol lots. I used to get into way too many fights all through kindergarten, junior school, high school through college and until right before I started working. I suddenly mellowed down after I started working and focused my energies more on my career and pursuing creative endeavors. I rarely if ever get angry these days but you wouldn’t want to push me into a corner nevertheless.

What turns you on?

Depends on the person. 😉 Usually, a polished, cultured personality with a streak of hopeless romanticism and love for the arts. Someone who know how to carry themselves with grace. Grace is really important.

What turns you off?

Uncouth, insensitive, shallow, superficial behavior.

Qualities you look for in a partner?

Nothing in specific but someone reasonably good to look at, communicative and empathetic towards the disadvantaged and a strong sense of responsibility towards society. Romantic partnerships are strong when the sense of responsibility is strong. Both towards each other and to society.

What’s your favourite colour?

Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Black.. it depends, I don’t think I have one ‘favourite’ colour!!

Loud music or soft?

One with beats and energy mostly. I listen to a lot of EDM and acid rock these days. I hate ‘loud’ music. It should be intense but not loud. That is probably why I have never been to a concert or even a disco. My sense of hearing is way too sensitive.

Favourite quote?

“If it was meant to be, it will be.”

Favourite actor?

Ranbir Kapoor (Bollywood hero.) I watched ‘Rockstar’, one of his movies, 46 times! I highly recommend you watch it if you can find it with subtitles. It will leave you breathless! The acting.. the direction… the music.. breath-taking!

Do you have any fears?

Yes, I fear dying with unfulfilled dreams.

What’s the last thing that made you cry?

A street dog trying to revive his dead friend hit by a car. Graphic and upsetting.. I know. Let that be a lesson for driving safely. Also.. Adopt strays over shelling out big bucks for pedigrees. You’ll be doing a great act of kindness and saving at least one poor animal from living on the streets.

Polar bear dying of starvation on iceless land Global Warming is real. Global warming is coming for all of us eventually and if you want proof that shakes your soul to the core and stirs you into action, this video is it. Do something. Anything. Spread awareness.

Last time you said you loved someone?

To everyone reading this… I love you! You are special. The world needs you. Keep giving your best!

Last book you read?

India’s Struggle For Independence by Bipin Chandra

The book you’re currently reading?

Indian Polity by Laxmikanth

Last show you watched?

I’m more a Youtube kind of guy these days. Can’t recall when was the last time I watched a movie. Hardly have the time. 😦

Last place you were?

In a parallel world were I didn’t have to answer so many questions.

Last sport you played?

Not a sport but I love walking. I enjoy taking long walks. As in really long.. I once walked with a friend from one state to another. Realised only when we reached the border checkpost. 😀

Who’s the last person you talked to?

Anybody who’s reading this IS talking to me! Hey, what’s up with your life?

The last song you sang?

‘Imagine’ by John Lennon (I also like singing 1973 by James Blunt)

Favourite chat up line?

What have you been up to? All well?

Do you have a crush?

The only ‘crush’ I feel is the weight of my goals crushing me under them. Lol! But I have a huge crush on Emma Watson. 😉 I’m a sucker for British women. I think it’s the manners and the accent that bowls me over. 😀

The relationship between you and the person you last texted?


Favourite food?

Garden Salad with Italian dressing.

Place you want to visit?

Peru. I’m obsessed with the place especially with the supposed ‘Ancient Aliens’ connection! Whenever I get a chance to go there, I am sure as hell going to pitch a tent on Mount Machu Picchu overnight.. as high up as possible.

What’s the last time you kissed someone?

Been a while.

Last time you were insulted?

I take it in stride and move on. Couldn’t remember even if I wanted to.

Favourite sweet?

I avoid sweets like the plague but I have a choco chip cookie once in a while. 😀

What instruments do you play?

I started playing the flute a little bit, a while ago. I’m more of a singer not so much with instruments.

Favourite piece of jewellery?

None per se. I do wear a rudraksha rosary on my wrist though. I wear a rudraksha rosary around my neck sometimes too. I find it extremely calming.

Last time you hung out with anyone?

Every evening with friends. It’s a schedule I try and adhere to. ?Unless I need ‘me time’.

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