A Walk In The Park

Your fixation with
Getting ‘there’..
Is what’s keeping you
From enjoying
Where you are.
It’s what’s keeping you
From finding joy,
Doing what you do.
Reaching your goals,
Happens automatically.
It happens effortlessly,
Once you begin
To savour
The long walk…
Leading you there.

Photo & Poem: © Jay Kaushal


Photo-poem ‘My Dreams’

Photo & Poem by Jay Kaushal.

This is the last couplet from my sonnet ‘My Dreams

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The way of the Buddha

There never was a beginning.
There never is an end.
All you’ve ever done,
All there’s to do,
is walk around the circle;
over and over
and over, again…
until you’re done.

You don’t need
to stop,
or start again.
You just need,
to realise
what you’re doing
and decide,
if you want
to keep doing it,
or no longer.

There’s no grand felicitation,
for stopping.
There’s no shame either,
in not.
There’s nothing,
to get.
There’s nothing,
to not.

Everything is
what it is.
Leave it be.
The centre
of this circle
is within.
Yet you encircle
all, without.

© Jay Kaushal

New poems every Sunday and Wednesday.

Divine Intervention

‘Divine Intervention’ is a motivational poem about struggle.

It’s like a whisper,
Only you can hear.
It’s like a sensation,
That’s scary yet familiar.
An experience almost supernatural,
But it’s all real.
When you find yourself
After years of struggle,
In the final steps;
Leading to what seems
Invariably, like another defeat;
A power unseen, taps
You on your back;
And whispers very softly:

“This time, you’ll win!”

© Jay Kaushal