Eyes shut open

We don’t see ourselves,

Through the eyes of those

Who love us;

Or hate us.

We see ourselves,

Neither from the eyes

Of the present;

Nor from the eyes

Of the past.

We see ourselves,

With certainty;

Through the uncertain eyes,

Of an uncertain future.

We don’t see ourselves,

No; not at all.

© Jay Kaushal

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Old love letters..


I’ll write about love.

Certainly a lot more,

Than I have written;

In poems to my love,

When our love was young;

On pieces of paper long misplaced,

And old diaries long forgotten.

Maybe I never will,

I then think.

I wrote away all my love

In all those

Old love letters.

© Jay Kaushal

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A melody in mud

They will criticise you.

They will belittle you.

They will dismiss you,

As insignificant

And frivolous.

But you must answer

Not merely in strong words

Or arguments.

You must answer your critics

In song and prose.

For the lotus,

Doesn’t grow thorns

Like the rose.

The lotus maintains its poise

And retains its regality;

Floating like a pink beacon

Of stoicism. In mud.

Uncorrupted, unperturbed by its

Humble circumstances.

The lotus sings a song of beauty,

A song of smiling defiance..

A captivating melody in mud.

© Jay Kaushal

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Ship In Storm

The power of your dreams

You could lose,
Everything; in a second.

If you do,
Would you still want,
What you want right now?

You could be wrong and lost,
In the dark woods of confusion.

If that happens,
Would you still keep walking,
This path you’ve chosen?

You may sleep tonight
And not wake up tomorrow.

If you don’t,
Would you regret,
Not finishing what you started?

What if you’re just too fed up;
And eager to surrender, one day;

If you are,
Would you find the courage,
To get up, and not give up;

In this dream of yours?

If you have a dream,
Bigger than yourself;
Stronger than the elements,
Tougher than your tough times;

If you have a dream,
That makes you believe,
In yourself, your purpose;

A dream that keeps
You striving, moving, fighting;
Despite the worst odds,
Rejection and failure;

If you have a dream,
That is keeping you alive,
Even though life no longer allures;

I promise you my friend,

Even death does shy away;
From a man so driven.
Until he has fulfilled,
His destiny.

© Jay Kaushal

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Picture Credits: ‘Ship In A Storm’ by Willem Van De Velde the second, 1707

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moremoneymoremoneymore a motivational poem by Jay Kaushal


Some things in life,
Money can’t get you.
For others things,
Money falls short.

For many things,
Money seems the answer;
But it often turns out,
That it’s not.

Money can’t buy happiness.
Money can’t buy time.
You make me work 70 years for it;
And I still leave behind all of mine?

All the money in this world,
Is accounts, written in red books;
Hidden in blue buildings,
Guarded by men in black suits.

They keep their books
Hidden away some place,
They don’t want
Us to ever know;

Money only helps you buy more money,
So more money can grow.

I say we find their books.
I say we burn ’em all.
I say we take all the money,
And make a bonfire,
A hundred feet tall.

What good is money,
if it can’t feed the hungry?
What good is wealth,
if it can’t clothe the naked?

What good is prosperity
for only a few;
while millions die,
hungry and cold;
on the streets?

I say, make money;
I say, chase wealth;
I say, chase money,
Live the grand life et all;

But forget not,
the ‘have nots’.
Forget not the hungry.
Forget not those shivering faces
on frail naked bodies,
dwelling in filthy streets;
subsisting on trash cans.

Forget not these people
when you have it all.

These men are your men too.
These men are our men.

Money as much as you must,
make as much as you want;
But when you’re over,
your dreams and fancies;
When you’re over them,
to them, give it all!

© Jay Kaushal

Image credits: ‘Destitute children asleep in Naples’ 1896 Wellcome Images

You are a hawk


A hawk,

Will never Learn

how to fly, strutting;

around a barn, with Chickens!



Must jump,

From the cliff;

Risking death, for flight!


Risk living;

Dying in submission;

Day after day, strutting

Around a barn, with chickens!

© Jay Kaushal

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Half a hundred,

Is a hundred,

That’s halfway there;

On the road,

To being,

one hundred percent;

What it is.

And so our journey,

Has just begun;

But we’re only halfway there,

Until we’ re done.

© Jay Kaushal

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